Tech Specs

The Details / Specs

Capacity: 778 open floor (450 if chairs are used)
Full bar
Smoke free
Wheelchair Accessible
Air conditioned
Available for all ages or 21+ events
Tickets are sold exclusively by


Click here for a brief history of this landmark building.

Details/Specs –

The Wonder Ballroom is a beautifully restored historic building constructed in 1914. With vaulted ceilings and plenty of free parking, the Wonder Ballroom is a versatile facility for a wide variety of performances and events.

Main Floor

Approx. 50′ x 70′. Perfect for ballroom dancing.


25 feet wide x 16-18 feet deep (proscenium with apron); fully curtained
see diagram  – (details-specs).


L’Acoustics ARCS system, 4 per side. Set up as 3 for mains, interior ARCS as separately controlled infills (per side)

All ARCS amplified per L’Acoustics specifications by Lab Gruppen amplifiers and processed by BSS Minidrive and ARCS presets.

Mains ARCS powered by (2)FP6400 amplifiers, infills powered by (2)FP3400 amplifiers

L’Acoustics SB218’s (dual 18″), 2 per side on movable dollies.
Amplified per L’Acoustics specifications by Lab Gruppen (2)FP6400 amplifiers

4 Total L Acoustics Arcs Wide. Arranged 2 per house right and left in the room
Amplified by AND LA4X

7 powered mixes. All Amplification by Crown CE 4000 Amplifies
8 Coaxial McCauley 2-15 (15″x1.4″) and 2 McCauley SM45-1 (15″x2″)

Monitor system:
Avid digital SC48 providing 8 powered mixes

7 powered mixes for wedges. All amplification by Crown CE4000 amplifiers
• 6 coaxial McCauley SM95-2 (15″+2″), 2 coaxial McCauley SM92-1 (12″+1″)

1 four way tri-amped drum fill. All ampification by Crown K2 amplifiers. Processed by White Instruments Paramedic 24 and Renkus Heinz proprietary box specific processor.
• Renkus Heinz STX4/44 high Q top (quad 8″, 6″+1″) and Renkus Heinz STX4L for sub woofer (dual 12″

Midas digital PRO-2

2 Analog White Instruments 4828 slider series Equalizers for house L+R for engineers wanting an analog high quality equalizer.

40 channel snake

Custom built Bystrom line driver for mains drive down snake.


6 Shure Beta 58’s
4 Shure SM58’s
2 Shure Beta 57’s
4 Shure SM57’s
2 Shure SM27’s
2 Shure SM81’s
1 Shure Beta 52
1 Shure SM91
1 Beyer M88
2 Sennheiser side address 609’s
6 Audix D series drum mics
1 D3,  1 D1,  3 D2’s,  1 D6
2 Audio Technica Pro37r’s

1 Audio Technica series 4000 scanable system with AT 4100 cardioid dynamic head (HH) and 1 beltpack with AT Lav.

2 Radial single channel, 2 Radial dual channel, 2 Klark Teknik Single channel active A large selection of stands, 48 mic lines, sub snakes, 50′ 6 channel snake for remote access to monitor room for ground based monitor rigs


3 Leko – addressing starts at 1

10 ZW19 – 22 channel extended mode addressing starts at 13

4 Mac Quantum Profiles – 27 channel extended mode addressing starts at 233

1 Radiance hazer – addressed at 510